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Neo Smartpen only works with Digital Paper *Digital Paper is ou...
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Neo Smartpen only works with Digital Paper

*Digital Paper is our special notebook for Neo Smartpens with Ncode imprinted in the pages

Create a Seamless Transition Between the Analog and Digital.

Comfortable in Your Hands, Just Like Normal Pens

M1 is made of flexible materials including, durable glass fibers and reinforced plastics.

M1 has a delightful and trendy look with its simple design and dynamic color combinations.

Package Information

01 Case   02 Neo Smartpen M1  03 Pen Refills (2)
USB Charging Cable   05 Instruction Manual

*2 Pen Refills: One inserted in M1 and the other in the package.

Offline Sync Mode

You can even use Smartpen M1 without connecting to the app, Neo Notes. Your handwritten data will be transferred to the app when it is connected to the pen.

An E-Learning Tool for Students

InkLink: Digital Bookmark for Websites and Videos

Save your favorite Youtube and Website links in your notes. Tap your notes to replay specific parts of the video you’ve watched. Enhance your study productivity. Simply download Pen Manager and connect it with Smart Recorder RECO. You can also transfer your recordings to PC and making your own digital bookmark by InkLink.

Easily Connect Pen Manager to PC

Manage Neo Smartpen and other NeoLAB devices on your PC, and try different services from Pen Manager.

How to Use InkLink on Pen Manager

Step 1.

After connecting RECO to Pen Manager, download and activate InkLink.

Step 2.

Connect Neo Smartpen to Pen Manager.

Step 3.

Take notes with the connected Neo Smartpen while watching a YouTube video.

Step 4.

Tap your notes to play the video.

An Effective Tool for Remote Teaching and Learning

Grida Board

Start your remote class with our web page, Grida Board. Your notes on Digital Paper are digitized on your PC. You can use Neo Smartpen for online live classes. Share your screen with your students via Zoom, MS Team, Skype, etc.

Grida Board Demo

How to Use Grida Board

Grida Board only works on Chrome. Install Chrome to use Grida Board with your laptops, Macbooks, and Chromebooks.

Go to Grida Board

Click the connect button

Connect the searched Neo Smartpen

Select portrait or landscape mode

Start a lecture

Share your screen

Apply different colors and thickness to your notes

A Creative Tool for Artists

Express your creativity with Neo Smartpen. Digitize your drawings, doodles, and writings with Digital Paper. Share them on social media. See various artworks created by Neo Smartpen.

Digital Paper

A special notebook for Neo Smartpens with Ncode imprinted in the pages.

*This official mark is printed on our Digital Papers. It indicates that they are compatible with Neo Smartpens.

Special Note, PUI

Simply tap or check the social media or email icon to share your notes.

Ncode PDF

Can't find the type of notebook you want? Print the pages at home or in your office.

*Ncode pdf comes in various types in A4 and letter size. You can download it from our Neo Smartpen website.

Neo Notes App

Neo Smartpen M1 turns handwritten notes into digital forms. Enhance your experience by using various features from Neo Notes, the exclusive app for Neo Smartpens.

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