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N ring notebook

A5 size notebook that can handle heavy note taking. The size and weight make the notebook portable and handy.


  • N notebooks work in conjunction with Neo smartpen N2 & M1 to convert natural handwriting into digital form.
  • N ring notebook is a 150mm*210mm sized wire-bound notebook with 152 ruled pages(Woodfree paper in white 80g/sq.metre)
  • Each N ring notebook package contains 5 notebooks.



Simply write in the notebook using your N2 or M1 Smartpens, and the pen communicates with the app running on your device running Android, iOS, or Windows 10.


Designed to write
Neo smartpen N2 is designed to write like a conventional pen.
Every detail focuses on delivering a seamless transition from your previous experience with a conventional pen.
Discover the ideas behind Neo smartpen N2's design. 
Digitize your idea
Neosmartpen N2 recognizes pen pressure in 256 steps which
will brings your writing to Neo Notes app promptly and precisely. 

Offline Sync
N2 does not need to be connected to a smart device to be used.
N2 will store your writing data in its internal memory and send it to your smart device
when it is later connected. N2 can store up to 1,000 pages of handwritten notes,
so feel free to write without connecting N2 to your smart device.
Auto-sync with Evernote
Register your Evernote account with Neo Notes and your contents will automatically be synced. 
Access your content from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
Google Drive Manager
N2 works with many different devices, so why not use them all?
The Google Drive Manager feature allows you to upload your notes to Google Drive
and download them to the Neo Notes app in different devices.
Stay on the same page in any device and continue writing with ease.
We won the 2015 iF Design Award
NeoLAB Convergence won the 2015 International Forum Design Award(iF design award)
with Neo smartpen N2. The Neo smartpen N2 was selected among 4,700 products
from 53 different countries around the world.
Convert your handwriting into text
With *Neo Notes' transcribe feature, you can easily change your handwritten notes into text.
Copy paste your texts into your external memo apps or email. *Neo Notes app supports 15 languages
which includes English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Korean and much more.
Color and Recreate
Add color to your notes and drawings. Choose among various pen color
and thickness options to highlight your notes or advance your drawings.
Export in SVG and image files to edit in various design software.
Record & Replay voice notes
You can replay your handwritten notes synced to your voice recordings.
Replay, watch and listen to your notes. Never miss a note or speech.
Tag and search
Speed up your search process by adding tags, keyword searching from transcribed content,
and browsing the calendar view. No more flipping through piles of paper.
Share your notes
Share your notes by email and other social network services.
You can send your notes as PDF, image, vector, and text files.
A notebook for everyone
N notebooks
Find the perfect fit for your writing experience among
our wide range of notebooks.
About pentip refill
Neosmartpen N2 uses standardized D1 type pentip.
We are currently using Zebra's 4C series pentip and.
other brands such as pilot or Mitsubishi are also recommended.



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