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Do I need to keep my phone or NeoStudio app on all the time when taking notes?

No need to keep your smartphone or the NeoStudio app on all the time.

Your Neo Smartpen has built-in memory to store your notes, so all you need is a pen and paper and you're good to go.

Please make sure your pen is turned on and start writing. When you connect the pen to NeoStudio, the handwriting saved in the internal memory will be transferred to NeoStudio.

* Transferring data may take some time depending on the amount of handwriting, so it is recommended to transfer pen data periodically (at least once a week is recommended).
* Please start writing after all data has been transferred.

Which refill should I use?

*Neo SmartPen A1 is required to be used with an exclusive pen refill from Neo Smartpen

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Neo Smartpen and Lamy smartpens, except A1, are compatible with D1 type
mini refillable/multi-ballpoint pen refills.

For guaranteed recognition, we recommend using the Neo Smartpen refills sold
in the official online store.

Neo Smartpen Online Store > Neo Smartpen Online Store


Pen Nibs: D1 type mini refillable/multi-ballpoint pen nibs (except Neo Smartpen A1)

Recommended Nibs
01> Zebra - 4C series (refillable for N2 only)
02> Mitsubishi - SE Series
03> Kaweco
04> Parker
05> Pilot
06> Staedtler
07> Sailorpen
08> Rotring
09> Caran Dache
10> Kyocera
11> Shachihata
12> Visconti
13> Yard-O-Led

What apps can I use with my Neo Smartpen?

The Neo Smartpen can be used in conjunction with the mobile apps "NEO STUDIO" and "Paper Tube".
Please install the apps by searching "Neo Studio" and "Paper Tube" in the Google Play / App Store search bar.

You can easily create lectures with "Gridaboard", a lecture authoring website for PC.

How long does it take to charge?
What is the battery life of the Neo Smartpen?

It takes 90 minutes to fully charge and provides an average of 1-2 weeks of use per charge.

* Varies by usage cycle

How does the Neo Smartpen work?

To digitize your handwriting, you'll need a NeoSmartpen, the NeoStudio app, and a piece of paper with an Ncode printed on it.

An infrared camera under the Neo Smartpen nib reads the coordinates of a microscopic code (Ncode) printed on the paper.
The camera takes a picture of where the nib passes and sends the information to a connected device via Bluetooth.

* Ncode is a microscopic, nearly invisible code that is a key technology in NeoLab Convergence.

Is any notebook compatible with Neo Smartpen?

*Lamy Safari All Black Ncode works with all Neo Smartpen notebooks

All notebooks sold in Neo Smartpen shop are compatible with Neo Smartpen.

Neo Smartpen requires a ncode printed papter to work. Unfortunately, regular notebook doesn't work with Neo Smartpen.

Lamy Smartpen can be used the same as the Neo SmartPen by printing out the Ncode PDF forms on a color laser printer.