PaperTube is an unique video production tool which allows you to easily produce your own video by recording the screen and handwritten data simultaneously. Now share your own story, your own thoughts, knowledge, and information using Neo Smartpen and PaperTube!

PaperTube is a Video Production App That Creates Your Own Studio Whenever and Wherever You Want.

You can create videos with your own material.
Print your own template with Ncode A4 paper using the blueprint feature on PaperTube.

PaperTube Controller:

A Paper Remote for an Advanced Video Production

PaperTube controller, a paper remote, allows you to apply various effects on PaperTube screen.
Simply tap the icons on the controller with Neo Smartpen to create a more professional and eye-catching video.

※ PaperTube controller is included in the Ncode A4 product package.