Still carrying heavy books, notes and laptop to class?

Looking for an easy and fast way to review your notes?

We are here to help you!

Neo Smartpen is a smartpen that digitizes handwritten data created on the notebooks (Digital Paper), which have NCode imprinted in the pages.

Neo Smartpen saves the data on the connected mobile devices.

Most importantly, when you need to review your notes before exam or class starts, you can review your handwritten notes directly using Neo Studio app.

Neo Studio is an exclusive app for Neo Smartpens that transfers your notes on paper to digital world. Using Neo Studio offers great features, including record, replay, hashtag, and even sharing function.

Moreover, using Neo Smartpen dimo has the ability to take notes while recording at the same time.

You can review your recorded notes by pressing replay and share your notes with your friends.

Capture your ideas, send them to the bigger audiences, and make greater use of them through Neo Studio!

Now experience the Neo Smartpen that connects the analog and digital!