Having a hard time with remote classes?

We know it’s not easy to create a classroom vibe from the video conferencing and write/express your lecture.  We are offering a solution that your writing on paper goes directly shown on your PC. It means that you can share your lecture screen with your student while you are writing on paper with a ballpoint pen.

Our Smart Class Kit is here to help you. It is optimized for creating online classes, it allows teachers to easily make educational videos for their students with their mobile devices. 

1. Easy to use: 

You can easily create videos by using Neo Smartpen and Digital Paper which are similar to traditional writing implements.

2. You can share your screen with your students: 

Your videos will be automatically saved as MP4 in the connected device.
You can easily share and upload your lectures on YouTube or other educational websites.

3. Make real-time online classes:

Create real-time online classes by connecting to Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams.

4. Perfect for Math and English Classes.

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