Neo smartpen M1

Neo Smartpen M1

A regular ball pen brings the digitalized world

The compact and simple design of Neo smartpen allows uninterrupted writing experience than ever. Every writing you wrote is automatically digitalized into your device. (Mobile, Tablet, PC and Laptop).

Digital Pen for PC

Not just a digital pen

Neo smartpen M1 is not different than an ordinary ball pen regarding size and weight. The M1 smartpen has auto power on/off features that give you the best writing experience and performance. The cylinder body of the pen helps you to write and draw smoothly with a comfortable grip.

Best Smart Pen

Replaceable pen tips

The pen tip can be replaceable with regular pen tips. Simply pull the pen tips out and replace it back with the new one. These are the compatible pen tips.

01 : Zebra 4C- 0.4/-0.5/-0.7/-1.0 08 : Rotring 23SS0R07442
02 : Mitsubishi SE-7 09 : Caran Dache RNX316
03 : Kaweco Soul D1 1.0 10 : Kyocera D1(&5SD1)
0.4 : Parker D1 0.8/1.0 11 : Shachihata TK-RF
0.5 : pilot BRF-8EF / -8f / -8M 12 : Visconti mignon
0.6 : Staedtler 92RE 13 : Yard-O-Led 12757-2
07 : Sailorpen 18-0103-0.5/ -1 -2
Digital Note talking pens

Charging and Saving

  • - Charge the pen with micro USB.
  • - Approximately charges 90 mins and uses up to 5 hours continuously.
  • - It includes the internal memory that saves up to 1,000 pages (A4 size based).
Neo Smart Pen M1

Various color section

Neo smartpen M1 provider % different color selection.
Choose your favorite color and have a stylish digital pen with you.

Digital notes sharing

Share your notes

Your digitalized notes can be share to a variety of cloud services as OneNote, Evernote, Adobe Cloud and Google Drive.

Neo Notes app

Neo smartpen with Neo Notes App

  • - Neo smartpen requires own app called “Neo Notes” for your digitalized notes.
  • - When Neo smartpen is not connected to your smart device, the pen will automatically store all your writing in its internal memory.
  • - Once you connect with the app, all the saved notes will save into your app.


Seamlessly digitize what you right on paper to your smart devices.


Easily share your drawings and handwritten notes via email or social networks in various formats.

Auto-save and Backup

Automatically upload your notes to a variety of cloud platforms , and also backup and restore your notebooks to google drive.


Erase unnecessary notes and highlight important messages with colours and notations.

Tag and Search

Convert your handwritten notes into a digital text. Neo Notes supports 15 languages.

Record and Replay

Record as you write. Replay your note talking process And your voice recordings that are synced to your notes.

Create your own digital Notebook

Create a custom digital notebook, and copy important pages from your N notebooks to the notebook you have created. No more flipping through piles on paper.

Full-Screen view

Display pages in a full-screen view.

Copy and Paste

Copy your notes as an image or in text And paste them into emails and other programs, Such as, Microsoft Office and Evernote.

Backup and Restore

Backup your notebook to google drive from your PC,and download them to your Mobile devices to continue writing with ease and vice versa.


Connect upto 7 pens to one PC at the same time Everyone’s ideas will appear on a screen in real-time.


Export your Handwritten notes or drawings as a video. You may choose to export the video with or without synced audio files.

N Code Technology

Ncode Technology

NcodeTM is a combination of lines and symbols printed so small that they are difficult for the eye to perceive.Each lines and symbol consitutues a pattern to express a unique code for each location on the page.

Neo N Notebooks

N Notebooks

Variety selection of N notebooks is with you .Starting from ruled notebooks to yearly planner, Write on it and save into a digitalize notebook.

For the yearly planner, write your schedule and get synced to your calendar, outlook and icloud calendar.


Make own Notebooks

Print your style of notes at home and office. Download the five different types of notes.Each pattern can cover a maximum of 50 Pages.

* Depending on the quality of printing, the accuracy of writing will may different

Neo smartpen

What is Included

  1. 01 Neo Smartpen Package
  2. 02 Neo Smartpen M1
  3. 03 User Guide
  4. 04 Trail Sheet
  5. 05 Refilable Pen Tip
  6. 06 Micro USB charging Cable


Neo Smart Pen M1
Support OS Android 4.4 or Higher BT 2.1 or Higher, / iOS 8.1 or Higher Windows 10
Bluetooth Connection Bluetooth 4.2(CLASSIC/BLE)
Memory Internal 100MB memory(Saves up to 1000 Pages
Battery Rechargeable Li-po battery 3.7V/280mAh
USB Micro 2.0HS(Micro USB/Rechargeable)

Office Location


Korea Office

NeoLAB Convergence Inc. 28, Digital-ro 30-gil, Mario Tower Room 1501 Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

Sydney Office

2 Lacey Street Surry Hills, NSW Australia, 2010

Japan Office

1-6-1,Kanda Izumi-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,
JAPAN 101-0024

United States Office

216-E Mt. Hermon Road Suite 376 Scotts Valley, CA 95066

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